June Zwan’s Mountain Climbing Tips for Beginners

Mountain climbing is one of my favorite activities. My experience in mountain climbing has become quite useful; the old June Zwan, who was once scared and intimidated to climb mountains now takes every challenge fearlessly. 

If someone asked what made me I would say mountain climbing is a huge part of me. It’s a great experience, helps you build patience, stamina and helps you endure hardships, as well as set goals. If you’re new to mountain climbing, worry not! Here are some tips for mountain climbing.

Make sure to warm up before you begin 

I know that in the excitement and thrill of going mountain climbing, people often simply just begin climbing. That’s a huge mistake! You should always do some warm-up exercises before beginning the actual process of climbing because if you do it without any exercise, you could pull a muscle or feel tired much faster. 

It’s important to prepare your body before you start climbing mountains so make sure you do some stretches and quick exercises before you begin.

Make sure you are fully equipped with the correct gear 

You cannot go mountain climbing without certain gear, and it just isn’t possible. Make sure you go to a sports store and buy exactly what you’ll need before you go to the actual climbing. Make sure your bag has enough rope and cramps and that you keep an axe with you to help you walk. Without the correct gear, you could hurt yourself. 

Plan the climb before you begin

It always helps to know what route you’ll be taking and where you’ll ascend or simply walk. Know the path that you’ll take so that you’re mentally prepared. It can be exhausting to go mountain climbing and can be taxing if you aren’t well prepared to make sure you know what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going.

Always listen to the guide 

No matter how adventurous you feel, it’s important to listen and pay attention to the guide. Always listen to the tips that the guide gives and make sure that you follow them and don’t go off the track. The guide will always know more and will help you so don’t feel too adventurous. How cool would it be if your guide was June Zwan though?

Don’t rush

You don’t want to run or go too fast; no one is in a hurry. Don’t descend too fast on mountains or climb too quickly because it requires great precision. Be careful and alert so that in case you land in an emergency, you can manage it calmly and carefully without getting injured.

If you keep these rules in mind, chances are you will successfully climb a mountain. Keep these safety precautions in mind but above all, enjoy the experience. 

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