Secrets To Building A Nature Society

Hi, I’m June Zwan and I wanted to share with you a few secrets about building a nature society.

About Our Nature Society

The most important thing to know about our nature society is the cause. The real reason behind the activity is to get people to think differently about the world we live in. Nature is beautiful. It should be shared, explored, preserved and lived in. We live in an industrial age – an automated age. But we are fortunate enough to have so many incredible places to visit where nature still thrives and where we can be a part of it.

Nature society is just a celebration of nature and living amongst the trees and stars. 

So we invite people – kids, adults and even seniors – to join us and explore nature and be a part of a great, passionate team.

How I Built A Nature Society with Over 450 Members

In 2005, I started a small hiking group and we would go around Arizona hiking the hills we grew up around. From there we promoted the “old-fashioned way” by word of mouth and we got shirts made that we always wore – everywhere we went. From there we used a Facebook page to build the group to over 450 members.

I don’t think my success is attributable to anything other than my passion. I truly love showing others – especially children – some of the amazing wonders that nature has to offer. It’s not really a secret, I’m just showing it to them and often times they get inspired in the same way that I do. It’s like a chain reaction. They just see what I see and fall in love with it. 

Outside of that experience, I just do what I can to make their time as fun as possible. I think the real challenge is just letting it be the way it is. Instead of trying to make it an experience of some kind or make it some sort of entertainment, it’s more about just letting it all be the way it is. The birds are alive, the wind is blowing and the trees are moving. Nature is alive and when you really see and get that, you understand what it’s all about. It’s just being there and not having any preconceived ideas of what has to happen. It’s like exploring a new world but not having a time limit. 

I just love that idea. I love that there is a new day ahead with plenty of things to discover and I just want everyone to now how fun it can be to find that for themselves. 

What’s Next

I plan on writing a book. I’ve actually been planning on writing many books for a long time. But this time I’m serious! 

Just like a short book with some illustrations I’ve done and some pictures I’ve taken over the years from hiking or backpacking. Where I live (Arizona) is such an incredible place and I’ve just seen some amazing things – the Colorado River at night is pure magic. 

So the book and also I’ve been working a friend of mine that studies boulders, rocks and geodes. She published a book recently and she has been helping me identify a lot of the terrain I’ve seen. I want to have some of her work in my book so we are collaborating now on that. 

There’s always something new to share and I want that to help inspire kids and adults to really get out there and explore.

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